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wow! records set..

I had record numbers of visitors on dabbled last week with my 5 part shrinky dinks project series... Next week, the baby ele-purse will make it's debut.

And check out the latest artwork here:

Been playing around with my new watercolor pencils.. this and more, click through




Attention: Calling all my stalkers... I've set up a twitter account for more efficiency in this regard. http://twitter.com/DotatDabbled 

So, entering more of the web 2.0 world, and now i need friends.  so if you're already on twitter, friend me and let me know :) 

And I'll be doing a series of shrinky dinks from recycled plastic posts on Dabbled this week, so check that out too..

Robot Party Time!

The completed Robot Cake

I just posted a tutorial on how to make the Robot Cake.

And also there are invitations and thank you notes (darn it, i need to send those out!) available here.

Sabbatical. Day 1

Ah, unemployment.

So much to do, so little time.

I tried to make sure i got a lot accomplished. Mostly stuff around the house and some spring cleaning on dabbled.org.

I'll post an update later with pics and stuff from vacation...


a long overdue update...

as the weather is getting yummy good, my summer avatar has been pulled out!

As i mentioned, we have had every weekend booked for the last 2 months! So that's my excuse for not posting muchly. I do admit i am more prolific on dabbled , but i don't really post the personal stuff there. So really, no excuse :)

This past weekend was a hectic one, with a wedding in St. Simons--D's cousin. We planned to fly down on friday a.m. but the flights were too full, so we ended up driving. yech. hate driving. but I survived.
Pics here
I still need to upload all the adorable ones of the boy at the beach.

Speaking of the Boy - for my local peeps, we're having a birthday party (3! eep!) for him on 6/7, email me for details..

Oh, did i mention I quit my job? Yeah. Did that too. ;) They were offering packages to leave and i just couldnt resist. Now i just need to figure out how to juggle a nice relaxing month off with the inevitable looking for another one!

And for your illustration update, here's the latest... Click through to see them upclose and personal.
Illustration Friday - Seed Illustration Friday - Electricity if-wide

and this one, which is also the invitation to The Boy's birthday party:
Illustration Friday - Worry



We've been busy lately hitting all the spring festivals.
We went to Inman Park Fest this past weekend. Awesome fun. and then the weekend before was the Sweetwater 420 festival at Candler Park. I have oodles of pics i took, but the only ones i've posted were from Inman park. lots of neat ones from the parade particularly. Inman Park Pics

Here's a cute one of The Boy and The Hubby - click through to see the whole thing.
Double D's :)

And this weekend we're going to the mountains (thanks, Samae for all the hard work setting everything up!) We were supposed to go tent camping, but it's likely to rain, so we decided a cabin would be a better option.

The Boy turns 3(!) in a month. How the heck did that happen? Must start planning party.

I'm meeting my goal of doing Illustration Friday every week. Here's links to a few if you're interested.


Appropriately posted - Amazon kudos

I figured it was appropriate, as I started out this lj with a rant about Amazon, that i post this here.
I ordered some stuff from amazon... a couple of books, a new case for my blackberry, and something else -- i was anxiously awaiting as my previous blackberry holster had bit the dust. and i got the package. with lovely stampage all over the top saying "damaged" "found with no contents" "dude you are screwed" etc. an empty box.

So i immediately called amazon, and the nice lady shipped everything out again (minus the one book that was out of stock) with one day shipping, and refunded the other book. Easy peasy and no stress -- although she was def in India as it was hard to understand her at times.

so, kudos to amazon for a good experience!

Dabbled Roundup

Hiya all... as usual, been slack about posting/reading... sorry...

For those playing at home, here are some recent coolnesses from dabbled.

The winners of the April Fools contest

One of my favorite recent illustrations: Click thru for Humpty Dumpty for "Save"
Illustration Friday - Save

Other recent illustrations are here.

Henri the Octopuppet, with a tutorial Okay, he's actually a Hexapus..
Henri, the Octo-puppet

tap tap... this thing on?

heh hmm..

Anyway, would like to apologize to my friends that i've been a REAL slacker about reading friends posts lately.

I promise to be better in the future, and i did get through several pages worth tonight.

That is all.