Miss me?

Yeah, I'm still here... Just been the usual slacker about updating my LJ. You can find me over at www.Dabbled.org most every day though.

Sluggy buds: Did a couple of pieces of guest art for sluggy.com

Holidays have been hectic. I just finished baking up a batch of oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies for neighbor gifts. And my first foray into candied citrus peel was successful also. (I'll be blogging that on dabbled this week)

We successfully completed the whirlwind tour of S. Georgia and South Carolina last week. Saw all the grandparents and sent the Boy off to Disney World with grandma for a few days. So child free! We took advantage of that situation with a nice dinner for two at Wisteria Sat. night. Was yummy good.

We also saw The Santaland Diaries at the Horizon theater a week or so ago. Was quite funny -- i highly recommend.

Maybe my new years resolution will be actually updating my LJ on a timely basis...



Other stuff:

Oh, i'd love some ideas and feedback on these little robots wearing tshirts:
Geeks will inherit the earth bot Joss Bot Hipster Bot

What other 'bots should I do?

At Dabbled if you missed it:
It's a Dabbled Halloween... all month long we have halloween features like food and decorations and costumes. Check it out. Oh, and the contest too... Sponsors have donated nifty prizes, so get your entries in :)


I've got to stop neglecting my LJ..

me and D - photo by Grieg WehrI've just been busy!
Doing what? I don't know... where does my time go anyway?

Let's see, last weekend was the toga party for wtf100 thrown by the lovely samae. Like my cute hubby and my toga? He finally found a look that fits the hair.

More pics here

Dragon*Con 08What else? hmmm... Well, one of my pictures from DragonCon was Boing Boing'ed!. I love this girl's outfit. Apparently the other 130000 people who've looked at it on flickr do to.

Oh, we went to a wedding in Virginia, near DC. The Boy was ringbearer. Too cute.
Here he is with the "other men", in the Party Bus on the way to the wedding.
Wedding Party Men


I survived dragon con!

Way too much fun at dragoncon...
Skullx, Pete mentioned that you cheat at Pictionary!??

But for the sluggy peeps who are on my LJ, here's some selected photos:

Yes, I worked up the nerve for a belly girl drawing, with my post childbirth belly
Dragon*Con 08

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ok, i know. slacker here, reporting for duty

yes, i haven't posted in ages. sorry...
but you can always find me on twitter or at Dabbled if you really miss me! (Subscribe to Dabbled via RSS - or - add the Dabbled Feed to your friends list in LJ)

Having a busy end of summer...

--Went to Myrtle Beach -
Review Here, in case you want to know if you should ever go there. That makes 3 beaches we've been to in the past 2 months. (Hilton Head a few weeks ago, and the Outer Banks of NC a monthish ago.)

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