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I've got to stop neglecting my LJ..

me and D - photo by Grieg WehrI've just been busy!
Doing what? I don't know... where does my time go anyway?

Let's see, last weekend was the toga party for wtf100 thrown by the lovely samae. Like my cute hubby and my toga? He finally found a look that fits the hair.

More pics here

Dragon*Con 08What else? hmmm... Well, one of my pictures from DragonCon was Boing Boing'ed!. I love this girl's outfit. Apparently the other 130000 people who've looked at it on flickr do to.

Oh, we went to a wedding in Virginia, near DC. The Boy was ringbearer. Too cute.
Here he is with the "other men", in the Party Bus on the way to the wedding.
Wedding Party Men


Sep. 27th, 2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
He looks like a Romanized Celt. You look like the chick from 300 ;)